The wonder of an Akoya Pearl necklace

Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes; anything from symbolic and carved from wood, or large, ornate pieces decorated with finest gems. Throughout human history, people from all walks of life have worn necklaces as symbols of status, religion, or love. Some estimate the oldest necklaces to be in the range of 40,000 years old! Out of all of the necklaces that exist in today’s world, none can rival the ornate beauty of an Akoya pearl necklace. Many people mistakenly believe that all pearls are created equal, and that it is impossible to tell the difference between a normal pearl and an Akoya pearl. That simply isn’t true. An Akoya pearl is by far the finest gem in use when it comes to decorating a necklace, and for many reasons. To fully grasp the reasoning behind this, it is important that we understand what exactly Akoya pearls are.

What are Akoya Pearls?

In the world of pearls, there are two families: freshwater and saltwater. The main differences between the two are their luster and uniqueness. While a freshwater pearl is often described as softer, a saltwater pearl has a bright, luminous luster that has been described as resembling a mirror. This is why they produce the finest necklace jewelry that one can buy. The term Akoya has been broadly adopted to signify cultivated saltwater pearls from the region of east Asia, specifically Japan and China. These pearls, aside from their unrivalled luster, are also far more unique than their freshwater counterparts. While a freshwater mollusk can produce dozens of pearls at a time, a saltwater mollusk often produces 3 or less. This leads to a brilliant uniqueness that is unrivalled in the industry.

Why Choose an Akoya Pearl Necklace?

The Akoya pearl was the first pearl to be cultured and cultivated starting way back at the beginning of the 20th century. This means that over the century or so since the beginning of cultured pearls, Akoyas have become synonymous with beauty, elegance, and style. We all know that pearls are timeless, and those who choose to wear pearls often attempt to capture that “classic”, age-old look from the past. The classic feel, luster, culture, and beauty of Akoya pearls make them the most tasteful choice for anyone looking to purchase pearls. Out of all pieces of jewelry that we wear, necklaces are the most front and center. They are directly in the field of vision of anyone looking at you. Not hidden on the wrist, or stuck into an ear, but draped proudly across the most visible part of your body. This is no place for an imposter! Invoke a sense of style and respect by wearing a necklace made from the finest Akoya Pearls, and be assured that no one else is wearing the same thing that you are.

Akoya pearl necklaces are the finest ornaments that a person can wear. With a luster and beauty that outshines all other gems, these necklaces offer the wearer a sense of dignity and sophistication not offered by any other decoration. An Akoya pearl necklace is rich in luster, deep in beauty, and since so few are produced in a batch, they are also the most unique gem that you can place around your neck. Give yourself a chance to share in wonder that is an Akoya pearl necklace.

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