Two Types Of Interesting Pearl Shapes

One thing that has been traditionally true with pearls is that the most sought after ones were the most perfect quality. To this day, that is still the case, with a pearl necklace that includes entirely AAA grade pearls costing far more than its AA counterpart.

Many people pay up for a higher-grade pearl because it means more luster, fewer imperfections, and a rarer gem. What this also means is that in an industry that prides itself on perfect, there are a number of imperfect pearls that fail to make the cut.

Fortunately, some of these pearls have interesting characteristics of their own.

Teardrop Pearls

While most people will think of round pearls as being the norm, many pearls are formed as teardrops too. These pearls look exactly the way that you would think they do, and are a perfect option for a variety of jewelry.

One place that teardrop pearls definitely don’t look out of place is on your ears. Many jewelers have created fabulous single teardrop or cluster pearl earrings that have been a raging success. If you are looking for a great addition to your pearl ensemble, and want something a bit different from a set of pearl studs, the teardrop pearl earring is a great choice.

Baroque Pearl Earriings from National Pearl.

Baroque Pearls

Teardrop pearls are interesting in that they have a very specific shape. To be a teardrop, the pearl must be shaped like a tear. Baroque pearls are an exception to this rule, as they are defined by having no definable shape. Many baroque pearls are free-forming, meaning that they do not form around a bead or other round object. Historically, these pearls were likely found far more often than round pearls, and were often used in less expensive pearl jewelry or not at all.

Today, baroque pearls are used all over the place, especially in high quality pearl bracelets that wrap around the wrist multiple times. You can also find them in pearl clusters, as the irregular shape is a great look in this design.

Finding the right pearl jewelry to compliment your style is difficult, but if you think outside the box and look for one of the pearl shapes described above, you may be surprised at what you find.

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