Valentine’s Day and Pearls

The Perfect Combination

Everyone’s favorite holiday Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner and it is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a little sexiness in to the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. There is nothing sexier than pearls and they are the perfect addition to any outfit or activity that you have planned for Valentine’s Day.

Red rose and pearls

Plans can vary for all different types of couples on this day. From a romantic dinner and horse carriage ride to a night in with a movie and special desserts, or a quiet picnic on a first date with that guy from work you’ve been eyeing forever to an all out marriage proposal, pearls are suitable for whatever is on the agenda. Here are some suggestions, ranging from conservative to downright inappropriate out of the bedroom, for how to incorporate pearls into your Valentine’s Day wardrobe!

Young happy couple celebrating with champagne at picnic

The go to color during the year is black. Black looks good on everyone, is flattering and goes with everything. However, on February 14th the go to color is red. Red petals, red hearts, red tablecloths, red is the color of love and while a little cliché, it became the color of our outfits for this special day.

The perfect strand white pearls against any shade of red or variation of pink will definitely pop and add class to your outfit. A red dress with white pearls is the epitome of sophistication minus the boring. Whether  its a casual date outfit with red incorporated, a sexy cocktail dress or a party dress with a pearl collar that doesn’t need additional strands, pearls are the way to go this Valentines Day.

party dress with pearls sexy dress and pearls cocktail dress and pearls casual date outfit with pearls

If red is too bold for you this Valentines Day and you prefer black or a more boyish style, there are ways to spice up any old outfit or little black dress with pearls. White Akoya pearls go great with all colors -especially black, or a strand of large golden south sea pearls to add as a statement piece and focal point of your entire outfit.

pearls and a little black dress beautiful girl in elegant dress and pearls

If you are a little outside the conventional box, then look no further than strands of  Tahitian black pearls or golden south sea beauties. They are different and modern while still retaining their positions as timeless classics.

black tahitian pearls with a white dress golden south sea pearls

If necklaces are not what you are looking for to add to your perfect Valentines Day outfit, then opt for  earrings or bracelets. The options this Valentines Day are endless. And they both go great with a fancy dress or a casual blazer for that informal picnic or stroll on the beach. Just the right amount of fancy.

pearl cluster earrings pearl necklace with conservative outfit

Then there is the Valentines evening. No matter what kind of girl you are or what your preferred Valentines Day activity is, couples in love universally all celebrate their love by ending up (or starting off) in the bedroom. Without being too raunchy, take a leaf out of Carrie Bradshaw’s book in “Sex and the City” and match your lingerie or simple pajama set with the perfect strand of pearls. Alluring yet demure, pearls are sexy and classy and send just the right message. Plus, they really class up your comfiest set of pajamas, allowing you to look great and feel good too.

strand of pearls in bed

Valentines Day celebrates you and love, so why not celebrate your love of pearls at the same time. Enjoy dressing up, recieving presents (hopefully, more pearls!) and Happy Valentines Day!!


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