Wear This: Pearl Clusters For A Bohemian Look

Are you tired of wearing studs or simple dangling pearl earrings? When shopping for something special, choosing an incredible pearl cluster earring can really help you to show off your love for pearls in an entirely new way.

A cluster of pearls that is worn right can give off an incredible designer look, even when the earrings in question were found at an incredible price. Some of the trendiest looks today include simple three to four pearl clusters with an ornate gold or sliver setting. This gives off the right combination of simple elegance and complex beauty that can cause people to really sit up and take notice.

Photo Credit: followpics.com

Photo Credit: followpics.com

The best feature of a cluster may not be in it’s setting or even in the pearls that you choose; the best feature is the movement of the earring itself. While simple pearl earrings like a stud will move with your head, pearl clusters will dance with every movement that you make. Taking a set up pearl clusters out for a night on the town can make every movement more impressive, and they will help to frame your face perfectly.

If you are looking for something really unique, try a combination of different colored pearls. This look is a bit more casual, but in the right environment it can have a major impact. Depending on how often you move, the shifting positions of the colorful pearls on your ears will be enough to liven up even the most laid-back outfit.

For a more minimal and elegant look, perfect for a formal event or evening out, a cluster of white pearls in a silver or gold setting will add a tasteful touch to an otherwise stunning formal dress.

You may find that you can never have enough pearl jewelry; if you are looking for another addition to your collection, and want something that is truly one-of-a-kind, a pearl cluster may be the right choice for you.

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