What Are Certified Hanadama Pearls?

Although it is clear that pearls, no matter what the type, are a beautiful, lustrous gem that are well suited for any occasion (we tend to agree on that), there are still some who mistakenly believe that all pearls are created equal. This simply is not true. Hanadama pearls, prized for their texture and luster, sit at the top of the pyramid in the pearl world. They are the most prized and sought after of all Akoya pearls, and for good reason. Imagine that pearls were like produce. When produce goes to market, even though most of the produce are fine to eat, tasty, and will sell at each vendor’s stall easily, grocers want the finest, most delicious of the bunch. The pure ones without bruises are the most prized of all the farmer’s product, and the same goes for pearls. Only the pearls that meet the most rigorous criteria, and conform to the highest standards of purity and luster can be considered as Hanadama quality.

Are Hanadama pearls different than Akoya pearls?

We already know that Akoya pearls are among the cream of the crop in the pearl world. Their uniqueness and unmatched quality make them the apple of every jeweler’s eye. A Hanadama pearl is simply an Akoya pearl that has risen above its siblings in terms of quality and surface cleanliness. Its quality difference can mainly be seen in its luster. The luster of a pearl is how bright it shines; some are dull and deep, while others tend to be bright. A Hanadama possesses a radiant luminosity that makes it as if you were peering into a mirror when you lay your eyes on it. They emit a radiance that is absolutely captivating. They are the highest-quality Japanese Akoya pearls on the market, and represent the top 1% of all pearls harvested each year!

How do I know they are Hanadamas?

When making a purchase as important as pearls, you deserve only the finest quality products. Nothing short of perfection deserves to be worn by your loved one. That is why it is important to know that you have the real thing, and not some imposter. A real Hanadama pearl doesn’t need any gimmicks, cheap talk, or frills to attract attention. It simply speaks for itself with a brilliance that can only be produced by incubating inside a natural oyster. That doesn’t mean that we don’t all need a little help from the experts sometimes. All Hanadama pearls are accompanied by an official certificate that is issued by the Japan Pearl Science Laboratory which ensures that the pearls you have are of true Hanadama quality. Pearls are given a rank based on their luster and imperfections. You can be sure that if our pearls are certified on this scale, that they have passed the most comprehensive quality-checking system in existence today.

Here at Nationalpearl.com we promise to deliver you only the finest pearls on the market, and put our hard-earned reputation behind each and every product that we offer. No matter which product you choose to purchase, we guarantee your satisfaction. A Hanadama pearl is the cream of the crop among Akoya pearls, and in a world where each pearl is painstakingly cultivated, harvested, and crafted before making its way to you, that is really saying something. A Hanadama pearl is the only option when it comes to buying the best that the world of pearls has to offer.

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