What Are the Best Occasions for Giving Pearl Necklaces?

Because of their beauty, pearls have been desired as gifts since the very first civilizations. Ancient civilizations stretching from Persia to China, and everywhere in between gave pearls as a sign of love and respect to people as high ranking in social class as kings and queens. The Louvre in Paris has a pearl necklace from Persian royalty on display that is over 2500 years old! Pearls are without a doubt the most thoughtful, gracious, and beautiful piece of jewelry that one can give as a gift. Although they are a great gift for any occasion, pearls are the perfect gift for a few specific ones.

So which ones are they?


Anniversaries are a special time in the life of any couple. A celebration commemorating another year together in each other’s arms. You want to give a gift that says “I love you and I always will”. Thankfully, a gorgeous, shining pearl does just that! It doesn’t matter if your wife prefers necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, a gift of pearls is sure to leave her speechless. In fact, a gift of pearls specifically for the 30th anniversary is a widely accepted tradition in most countries. Thirty years is a long time for anything, especially when it comes to being married to that one special person. Pearls are the symbol of wisdom, so what better way to encapsulate all that you have learned about love, marriage, and each other than by giving the gift of pearls.


We all know that the special woman in your life might not always be honest about which birthday it is, but you can be sure that she will never be more appreciative than when she wakes up to see a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry. Although nobody can stop time, by giving a timeless gift, you remind her that your love for one another will last forever. Don’t agonize over what to get, where to take her, or what kind of message to send on her birthday. Do all three at once by gifting this gracious gem.

Tip: Pearl is the birthstone of June, so don’t forget to make any June birthday special with one.

Baby Showers

A baby shower is one of the most special occasions in life. It is a celebration of life, and your best opportunity to show a friend or relative how much they mean to you. Any mother can expect her friends to give baby clothes, shoes, food, or gift cards, but she will never expect a stunning piece of pearls for her new-born child. Our jewelry is the perfect keepsake to put a touch of class on the beginning years of a new child’s life.

Pearls have been a show of love and dedication for thousands of years. No other gift could possibly show how much you care. The natural beauty, luster, a grace of these timeless gems makes them a gift for all occasions. Even though pearls are an option as a gift for nearly all occasions, there are a few that simply call for them. If you give the gift of pearls for an anniversary, birthday, or baby shower, you will leave an impression that lasts as long as the pearls themselves.

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