What Size Akoya Pearl Necklace is Right?

An Akoya Pearl Necklace is a stunning, beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful gift to give to any woman, and no matter what size or shape, it will still remain that way for the longest time. That being said, Akoya pearls do come in many different sizes. This means that not every shape or size of pearls may be right for that special woman in your life. As always, when the size or rarity increases, the price will increase too, so it is important that you make the right decision with the set of pearls that she would wear best. So let’s take a look at some of the sizes and price ranges that work best:

5.0-6.0mm – $200-$300 Price Range

This is the smallest size of Akoya pearls that we offer, and they are readily available to be stranded. This size of pearl is usually for young teens or women who are on the smaller side and specifically looking for small pearls. This gift is great for age milestones like a sweet sixteen or life events such graduation. A great starter pearl gift for any young woman.

6.0-7.0mm – $300+

Pearls in the range from 6.0mm to 7.0mm can go for anything from $300 and up, but generally we offer them in the $300-$500 price range. Given that these pearls are still slightly petite in size, we recommend this size for women that are a bit older and closer to adulthood, usually between 18 and 25 in age. This size is ideal for a college education gift or early promotion at work. Perhaps a first or second anniversary with a spouse would work well too! This size range present multiple opportunities for gift giving.

7.0-8.0mm – $400-$1500 Price Range

This size range is by far the most popular and consists of the most common pearl sizes used in Akoya pearls. This size pearl is usually for very special occasions and is typically worn by younger and middle-aged woman for a multitude of purposes. The price reflects just how rare and beautiful these Akoya pearl necklaces can be. This range could be for anything from a young successful business woman looking to add a touch of class to her work outfit, to congratulating a new mother on the birth of her first child. Especially as you get to the larger 7.5-8.0mm size, this pearl exudes class, taste, and excellence, and is the perfect complement to any woman’s wardrobe.

8.0-9.0mm – $800-$2,500 Price Range

This size range is considered to be above average in size and quality, and we now begin to really start to creep up the hierarchy of the Akoya pearl line. These pearls are generally for middle-aged women, or younger woman who are career-minded and wise beyond her years. Elegance, class, and power all rolled into a gorgeous pearl strand. This strand size is the perfect accessory for any high-class or business event and is flexible enough to be worn for more casual events. Both the 8.0-8.5mm and 8.5-9.0mm sizes are perfect for any woman who wants to look classy, elegant, intelligent, and savvy.

9.0-10.0mm – $2,000-$8,500

Majestic, regal, elegant, gorgeous, and simply stunning! All of these words apply to this, which is like the Ferrari of pearl strands. The price of these pearls reflects just how sought after, rare, and beautiful they really are. These are for women middle-aged and up. A reflection of success, status, and ability, these Akoya pearls are to be worn by a woman who has made it, worked for what she has, and gained respect from her peers. They are the rarest in size and extremely difficult to get your hands on. If you see a woman with power, you can bet that she is wearing pearls like this. Guaranteed to take the breath away from any woman when gifted to her. Your wife, mother, grandmother, it doesn’t matter. If you go the extra mile, it will definitely pay in dividends.


The size of the pearls says a lot about the person wearing them. Everything from a young girl just going into high school or celebrating her sweet sixteen, to a powerful CEO or woman in politics getting a gift from her husband of 30 years. There is a hierarchy of pearls that reflects where a person is in life, and different sizes fit different occasions. Be sure to get it right when giving these beautiful Akoya pearl necklaces as gifts.

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