When To Wear It: Akoya Pearl And Diamond Earrings

Akoya pearl and diamond earrings are one of the highest class of pearl earrings you can wear. While they are, of course, perfectly acceptable with many styles and most degrees of formality, they do generally tend toward special occasions. Many of these earrings are set with 14-karat or higher white gold, the color of which meshes just so with the look of each gem it surrounds. The pearls draw the eye in a subtle way as they gleam softly at the earlobe, and the diamonds equally reward the viewer with a brilliant sparkle of light.

Pearls and diamonds together provide a gorgeous visual display, particularly perfect for evening wear or for fancy events such as weddings, award ceremonies, and other such gatherings. They are also a wonderful touch to a special date, or as a gift for your special date. The Akoya pearl and diamond combo is even versatile enough that if worn just right, the jewelry will subtly blend in with work clothes, depending on what you wear.

They accentuate business casual in a lovely way, turning your work attire up a notch in sophistication, very likely along the way impressing your coworkers and higher-ups. This is also the perfect piece of jewelry to transition from work to a more formal after-work event, especially when you don’t have time to change.

These earrings look especially striking with dark clothing, like a black dress, navy blue jacket or charcoal grey cardigan. Conversely, the soft white of the pearls and the brilliant shine of the diamonds add a polish to every cream- and neutral-colored blouse you own. Whatever hairstyle you choose to use, these earrings will provide the perfect finishing touch; they can shine boldly from underneath an up-do, or perhaps peek demurely out from the wisps of your hair as you wear it down or half up.

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