Which Set Of Pearl Earrings Is Right For You?

There is much to talk about when it comes to pearl necklaces: their sophistication, beauty, luster, etc. So much so that its easy to forget that it is possible to get many different types of jewelry. What many don’t realize is that the perfect gift is often a beautiful set of pearl earrings. These gorgeous gems highlight the beautiful face of the woman lucky enough to be wearing them, and they often come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Which begs the question, which set of pearl earrings is right for you?

Why should I choose pearl earrings?

Not all women are into jewelry directly visible on the front of their bodies. In fact, many women like to quietly exude their own special style. Pearl earrings are classic, stylish, and believe it or not, among the most common and popular kinds of pearl jewelry around. If you are looking for a simple gift that can easily be customized to fit the style of any woman, then pearl earrings are right for you.

What kind of earring is right for me?

That might be the hard part since they come in all different kinds of styles, and all are equally as enticing. The most common is the standard white pearl earring made with real Akoyas. Akoya pearls, as we have mentioned before, are the highest quality, most luminous and smoothest pearls that there is. If you are looking for a classic look that just exudes charm and beauty, then a set of white Akoya pearl earrings is what you need. Other kinds include:

Golden south sea pearl earrings – The end all of classic beauty. The power of gold is something that humans have known for centuries. A set of golden pearl earrings is the perfect piece for a black tie affair, and is the right gift if you are looking for a symbol of elegance.

Tahitian pearl earrings – Dark, ominous, mysterious, and attention-grabbing, these dark pearls were chosen for their beauty and shine. These are a great fit with any outfit, and go best with a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Black Akoya pearl earrings – For those who truly want to break the mold, and go against the grain, perhaps they should choose a pair of shining black Akoya pearls. These colors are specifically treated to give them a dark shine that will last forever. Black Akoya pearls are for that exotic beauty who wants to show that she knows who she is.

A pair of earrings can be a simple but beautiful gift. While not as bulky as other types of jewelry, a set of pearl earrings are easy to manage, easy to use, and can be worn to literally anywhere for any occasion. That doesn’t mean that certain ones don’t fit better in certain places, though. Be sure to use this guide and pick the right kind of set for your lucky lady.

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