White Gold And Tahitian Pearls? We Think So!

Sometimes it can be difficult to pair two great looks together. One item that can be especially difficult is the pairing of Tahitian pearls and diamonds. It has to be done right, as one can easily overshadow the other. If you love the look of a Tahitian pearl against white gold, there is one option that pairs them both beautifully: Mara styled pendants.

The Mara pendant does something extremely interesting. Instead of encircling the pearl or setting the Tahitian pearl on a backing of white gold, you’ll notice that the white gold and diamonds embedded in the setting are encircling the pearl itself. This does a few important things, but namely it gives you the opportunity to notice the pearl first (and it can be hard not to), but then quickly take in the surrounding metalwork. This creates an especially dramatic effect, and in fact it can almost be too much for some people.

One of the exceptional traits of the central Tahitian pearl is the beautiful color that will change slightly as the light hits it. You can also adjust the color of the pearl prior to purchasing, exemplifying your favorite traits of Tahitian pearls. For some, the beautiful green hues of the Tahitian are one of the best traits. If so, you can easily substitute a traditional black Tahitian with a slightly greener tinted option.

For others, the prospect of having a deep black in their wardrobe will simply create too much contrast. In those cases you can just as easily substitute a silver Tahitian pearl. The interesting thing about this change is that it effectively reverses the Tahitian’s traditional look, for a slightly more exotic flavor: instead of relying on a deep black that is penetrated by silver hues, the silver Tahitian comes in a far lighter silver, but is tinged with darker hues that change as the light hits it.

The Mara pendant is a great setting for the Tahitian; it offers elegant simplicity with the solitary pearl, but beautiful metalwork and SI-quality diamonds really make the setting itself part of the beauty. If one thing is certain, it’s that you won’t be ignored when wearing this exceptional pendant.

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