Style Your Pearl Ring with a Fun Choice

While many pearl choices center around the type of pearl that you might want, what about the style of the pearl ring that you are choosing? The style of a ring can say a lot about the look that you are trying to achieve. One type of ring style that is extremely popular to wear today is the laurel look. While there are many ways that you will see a laurel portrayed on a ring, the most prominent is in the engraved leaf that is woven through the design.

Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Nova Ring

Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Nova Ring

The real beauty of a laurel pearl design is the fact that the ring itself symbolizes nature. When you combine this with a beautiful pearl in the center, you get an incredibly great interplay between the natural style of the ring’s engraving and the pearl’s origins in nature itself.

What really sets the laurel pearl ring apart from many others is the simplicity of the design. You won’t often see much added to the design besides the metallic engraving of the ring and the illustrious pearl in the center of the settings. There are no diamonds or other precious stones to take away from the beauty of the pearl, so traditionally you will find high luster pearls taking center stage.

Aside from the incredible luster on a laurel style pearl ring, the choice of pearl plays a big part here. You will find that the best laurel rings use a 11mm pearl with a complimentary color for the ring. For golden pearls you will often see the use of a gold band, but for all other colors platinum or white gold bands are more often used. This compliments the color of the pearl nicely, and makes the comparison even more striking without any stones on either side of the pearl to reduce the size.

If you are interested in a pearl ring where the pearl takes center stage in the setting, then a laurel style ring is a great choice. They are simple, minimalist, and striking examples of pearl jewelry at its best.

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