Why Baroque Pearls May Be The Better Option For You

Pearls have a storied history as the perfect gemstone. They are ‘perfectly’ round, ‘perfectly’ shiny, and the perfect gift for yourself of a loved one. Even if you love the idea of a ‘perfect’ quality pearl like you’ll find on a Hanadama pearl necklace, there can also be extraordinary beauty in something that contains even slight imperfections. When you’re looking for the next addition to your jewelry collection, you may want to skip the ‘perfect’ pearls (especially if you have some in your collection already) and choose something with a few imperfections. That’s where baroque pearls come in.

The idea of baroque pearls is nothing new; in fact, many pearls would have been classified as baroque in the past, before pearl cultivation became the art that it is today. These pearls exemplify imperfection, once you see one in person you will realize exactly why that is.

When you buy a pearl necklace made with perfectly round gemstones, you are getting an exceptionally beautiful work of art. That being said, baroque pearls offer something different. In the place of consistent color across the entire pearl, a baroque pearl, due to the rings and imperfections on the surface, exhibits a variety of colors on each individual pearl. This can be an extremely impressive affect, especially when multiple pearls are combined into one beautiful pearl bracelet or pearl necklace.

Baroque pearls are also a great option for those who love pearls, but aren’t as interested in the traditional style of a pearl bracelet. A strand of baroque pearls will be the ‘fun’ option, but it can still be dressed up and worn to a party or company event: the perfect middle ground.

Have you thought about choosing baroque pearls for your next necklace or bracelet? Take a look today; you might like what you see.

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