Why is a black Akoya pearl necklace the perfect gift?

Akoya pearls are world famous for their beauty and quality. It is no wonder that black Akoya pearl necklaces are the perfect gift for any person on any occasion. Black Akoya pearls are symbolic of many things, they can be worn casually or professionally, and they stand out from the crowd.

Black Akoya pearls are symbolic

The Ancient Chinese believed that black pearls symbolized wisdom, truth, and life. A black Akoya pearl necklace would be a great gift for the woman in your life who loves a good book, enjoys interesting and intelligent conversation, or shows wisdom beyond her years.

The Polynesians believed that black pearls were a symbol of everlasting love. Legend is that an ancient prince gave black pearls to his princess as a sign of his devotion to her after receiving them from a god. The tradition of giving a pearl necklace as a wedding or anniversary gift has carried on until this day as a sign of devotion.

Because they are so rare, black pearls were seen by the Tahitians as a symbol of hope and survival. This means that a person can wear them as a symbol of happiness during difficult times, or can be given as a gift when others are feeling down. Nothing cheers someone up like a beautiful set of black pearls.

Out at the bar with friends or in the CEO’s office

One of the best qualities of a black Akoya pearl strand is that it can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Need something to throw on to compliment your casual outfit when heading out with friends? Want something that will turn heads when attending a show? Need something to make you look professional, and add a touch of femininity to your business attire? A black Akoya pearl necklace can do all of the above.

Standing out in a crowd

Wherever you go you may see women wearing pearls – they are beautiful and elegant, after all. But what you won’t see often is women wearing black pearls. It is far more common to see shining white pearls around someone’s neck. They are more widely available and seem like the safer bet to a man’s eye. But what most don’t realize is that when you give a more unique rare gift like a black Akoya pearl necklace, it seems more thoughtful and meaningful than when you give the normal, run of the mill gift. When you give the gift of black pearls, you send the meaning that you really care and understand the recipient.

A set of black pearls conveys many different meanings, and that is why they are so desirable. Thinking of the perfect gift for someone can often be a long, arduous, and painstaking process. You can make it easier by giving a black Akoya pearl necklace. Nothing symbolizes so many different and powerful meanings, nothing is quite as flexible or fits so many occasions, and no other pearl gift stands out from the crowd as a unique black Akoya strand. The necklace can say many things, but most of all it says that you care.

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