Why Single Pearl Necklaces Are The Next Big Trend

While almost everyone is familiar with pearl necklaces, the first thing that comes to mind for them is usually an elegant strand of pearls around a woman’s neck. No doubt that a set of pearls is a sight to behold, but it is important to recognize just how unique and beautiful a single pearl necklace can be. The more formal and traditional strands of pearls have dominated the scene for literally thousands of years, but there are a few key factors that show that single pearl necklaces will be the next big trend in the jewelry world. So jump on it and be a trend setter!

1) Things are becoming less formal

While the high-class, black tie, formal event will never be obsolete, it is clear that they just aren’t as in fashion as they use to be. All things are becoming less and less formal than they were in the past. We don’t sit around the dinner table and eat with the family like we use to, we don’t stand up when a lady enters the room anymore, and the modern, tech-friendly company is much more accepting of informal dress. A single pearl necklace doesn’t have the same vibe that a large strand of glowing white pearls has. While the former goes great with more everyday dresses or outfits, the latter fits a specific style that is more suited to the formal or upper class business realm.

2) They are more modern and sleek than their counterparts

Everything is on a quest to look more modern, sleek, and high-tech. A strand of pearls has a certain old-world charm about them that is inescapable, whereas a single pearl necklace looks far more futuristic, cutting edge, and minimalistic. Look at all of the major automobile brands. Are they putting out large, cumbersome models, or tiny, sleek designs to fit the modern consumer? With a single pearl you have far more space to work with, more flexibility, and a more modern look.

3) They are less expensive than large strands

The next reason that single pearl necklaces are a growing trend is that they are more affordable than other types of pearl jewelry. Simple mathematics would dictate that a necklace made of lots of pearls that have gone through harvesting and passed rigorous quality standards would be more expensive than just one. These days, people don’t have as much disposable income as they used to, so cutting costs has been on everyone’s to-do list. With a single pearl necklace you not only get style and grace, it also doesn’t hit the wallet quite as hard.

There are many reasons why you should consider a single pearl necklace instead of strand of multiple pearls. While both have their time and place, it is hard to deny the growing trends. A single pearl necklace is more modern and sleek, less formal, and less expensive than others in the pearl family. Why be someone who follows a growing trend when you can be a trendsetter? Jump on the opportunity now!

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