Why wear a floating pearl necklace?

Pearls have been a sign of elegance, beauty, and class since the dawn of civilization. Nothing embodies these notions more than a beautiful set of pearls draped across someone’s neck. Despite their reputation as a classic, old-fashioned style of beauty, there are many designs that are a little more modern: a floating pearl necklace. They are the perfect fit for that girl that wants to show her unique personality and sense of style. So why should someone wear a floating pearl necklace?

What is a floating pearl necklace?

A floating pearl necklace is a non-traditional type of necklace where, instead of being next to each other in a line, the pearls are separated from each other into single pearls spread out along the strand almost as if they were floating. Giving the illusion of being floating in mid-air gives this piece of jewelry a new age, artistic feel. Other kinds of floating pearl necklaces are ones were the pearls are on multiple strands, and appear to be hanging down off the neck. Regardless of what kind, there is a perfect fit for what you are looking for.

Why get a floating pearl necklace instead of a normal one?

Good question! The thing is that pearls, while beautiful and elegant, simply don’t fit all occasions or personalities. There are some women who just don’t enjoy wearing a large strand of pearls (believe it or not). A floating pearl necklace is equally as charming, beautiful, and elegant, but they also add a trance-like feeling, and sense of mystery to the woman who bears them. They are the ideal complement to a trendy, new-age dress or at a large, artsy gathering. They fit well with a sleek dress or more relaxed style of clothing. At the same time, its fair to say that it is still possible to wear a floating pearl necklace with just about any outfit and pull it off.

Any other recommendations?

We recommend that you go the extra step and get the multi-stranded pearl necklace. Unlike it’s simpler, more casual single-stranded cousin, the multi-strand pearl necklace is a symbol of almost angelic beauty. Spread out along the entire neck, this symbol of beauty is unrivaled in the world. Put as few or as many pearls as you like on the necklace, and it will still come out looking like natural perfection. This type of necklace is not for the faint of heart, but for someone who wants that special lady in their life to look like a princess.

A floating pearl necklace isn’t just any old necklace. They come in many shapes and sizes. From a single strand of pearls neatly spaced out across the neck, to a multi-strand necklace fit only for a princess, a floating pearl necklace is a unique, wondrous departure from the norm. If you are looking for something different, something that says the wearer has a real sense of style, and knows exactly what they like, then this necklace is exactly what you’re looking for. You can end your search today.

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