What To Pair With That Little Black Dress?


Pearls are a sign of sophistication and stylish refinement. If you are heading to a formal event or simply have a lot of dressy clothes in your wardrobe, black Akoya pearl earrings are a fabulous staple in your collection. They pair well with both light and dark color combinations, always softening the look you have with their exceptionally subtle shine. They even compliment every color well, taking on a hint of the color by association and shine. The earrings can enhance business casual, formal and even casual clothing while being durable and long-lasting at the same time.

When you’re wearing an evening gown, black pearl earrings will serve as the perfect accessory, the effect being especially heightened if the dress is strapless. Earrings that drop down to the middle of the neck will bring attention to your neck and shoulders, adding overall elegance to your evening attire and reinforcing the connection between them and your other jewelry.

You will find that black pearl earrings are also appropriate for other formal attire, including turtleneck-style dresses, dresses with multiple styles of straps, and skirt and blouse combos. In these situations, the earrings can serve as the brighter focal piece of the outfit.

If you have a particularly eclectic style and want to pair something formal with more casual pieces, black pearl earrings can help you achieve the look you want. Pearl earrings will make plain clothing like a pairing of solid-color t-shirts and jeans look a bit more polished while at the same time making the pearls into an edgier accessory. An outfit of a blazer and jeans with heels can be finished with black pear earrings as well.

As the earrings draw attention to your face, the makeup you choose factors in; they accentuate both natural-looking palettes and darker, bolder eyes and lipstick. While you may not consider them to be a staple at first, they will quickly become one of your favorite accessories in your jewelry box.

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