You’ve Found The Perfect Bracelet, Now Make It Yours

One of the things that have always separated buying jewelry online from doing so in the store is the idea of choice. You’ll always have more purchasing options online than in a jewelry store, and the prices are lower, but the ability to customize your purchase before taking delivery is one of the biggest options. Let’s say that you’ve found the absolutely perfect bracelet for yourself, as a gift, or to commemorate a major event, now what do you do?

While the color and style of the pearls are no doubt of importance, once you’ve found ‘the one’, it’s the details that really begin to count. They are the best way to really take a beautiful pearl bracelet and make it something that you will want to pass through your family for generations.

How do you customize a pearl bracelet? The answer lies in the clasp. While a seemingly innocuous change, it can speak volumes about the wearer.

What color jewelry do you wear the most? Are you always decked out in 14k yellow gold? If so, there is no reason that the clasp on your new bracelet should be made from white gold. Another common adjustment is with the complexity of the clasp. Many people choose a simple look, with an easily removable polished ball clasp, something that looks great and almost matches the pearls on the bracelet itself.

Even if you like the idea of a simple clasp, it doesn’t mean that the look is right for you. You can just as easily switch out the clasp with a more complex option like a beautiful infinity clasp.

Could you do this in a jewelry store? Sure, but why pay more for a new clasp and for the cost of changing it when you can just get what you want the first time? The next time that you’re in the market for a new pearl bracelet, make sure that it’s exactly what you want, down to the smallest details.

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