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Pearl Bracelets

Our collection of single, double, and triple strand akoya pearl bracelets are truly one of a kind


Shop for freshwater pearl bracelets in multiple colors that can complete your freshwater pearl set

Shop Freshwater Pearl Bracelets Freshwater

Tahitian South Sea

Our collection of Tahitian pearl bracelets are among the largest online, showcasing uniform and multicolor combinations

Shop Tahitian South Sea Pearl Bracelets Tahitian South Sea

White South Sea

Customize your White South Sea pearl bracelets to match with any south sea pearl jewelry item online

Shop White South Sea Pearl Bracelets White South Sea

Golden South Sea

Sourced from the shores of the Philippines, Golden South Sea pearl bracelets are truly a unique find

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A Pearl Bracelet Completes Any Collection

A pearl bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry, making the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for the classic white pearl, or something a little more exotic, our huge pearl collection is sure to satisfy your taste and budget.

Our Freshwater pearl collection includes white, pink and peach pearls ranging in size from 7mm to 10mm. Freshwater pearls are versatile and fashionable, making them perfect for everyday use. Their high luster and impeccable surface quality make them a great, inexpensive choice.  Freshwater pearl bracelets also make great gifts for bridesmaid during the summer months of Bridal season.

With their radiant luster and perfectly round shape, our akoya pearl bracelets make truly classic accessories. Our akoya pearls range in size from 5mm to 9mm and are available in white, rose, and ivory overtones. Our collection also includes top quality, Hanadama akoya pearls certified by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan.  Akoya pearl bracelets are among the highest selling pearl bracelets in the United States, since they fall in between Freshwater Pearl and South Sea pearls in price point.

Our South Sea bracelet collection includes the exotic dark hues of Tahitian South Sea pearls, the luxurious Australian White South Sea pearls, and finally the royal Golden South Sea pearls. The large size and brilliant luster of South Sea pearls are what distinguish them from the rest.

Our bracelets are all made on site and completely customizable to your preferred pearl type, size, and quality.  We also offer customers the ability to customize their piece by selecting the perfect clasp and bracelet length.