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Akoya Pearl Bracelets

Akoya pearls are well known for being among the most uniform and high luster pearls. For this reason they are the ideal pearl to use in any pearl bracelet. At National Pearl we have both black and white Akoya pearls to add the finishing touch to any outfit. Coming directly from Japan, Akoya pearls are the classic embodiment of a pearl, which gives it a classy and elegant look while remaining simple and unfussy. You can use these white or black pearls to compliment or contrast almost any outfit.

AA+ Quality Akoya Pearl Bracelets

At National Pearl we offer pearl bracelets in AA+ quality, meaning that we use a very high quality pearl with a high luster and thick nacre. They come in a range of sizes from 5.5-6mm to 9-9.5mm, so you can find the perfect size to uniquely match your outfit or style.

Hanadama Quality Akoya Pearl Bracelets

Hanadama quality pearls are the best of the best. These pearls are individually picked as the very best from every harvest and are truly unique, with the highest luster and they are known for being completely blemish-free.

We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the sensation of wearing high quality pearls so here at National Pearl we offer the highest quality pearls at a fraction of the price of jewelry stores. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your Akoya pearl bracelet we offer a money back guarantee within 60 days.

All of our pearls come in a beautiful presentation box that is also ideal for keeping your pearls in perfect condition. Your pearls are insured and securely delivered by UPS and we accept all major credit cards including American Express. You can also pay via PayPal so you can put your mind at ease that your payment will be safe and secure.

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  • 9.0-9.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Bracelet

    9.0-9.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Bracelet

  • 9.0-9.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Bracelet - Hanadama Quality

    9.0-9.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Bracelet - Hanadama Quality