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Tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings are exotic and mysterious; the legend of these pearls has endured for centuries as one of the rarest pearls in the world. Today, National Pearl is able to bring you an outstanding array of Tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings in a range of color and overtones, from the deepest shades of black to bright and sparkling silver and blue. Each hand-selected Tahitian pearl is chosen for its dazzling luster, smooth surface and a tantalizing choice of perfectly round or drop-shapes.

Tahitian pearls come to us from oysters in the waters in and around French Polynesia, including Tahiti. Many people refer to these jewels as black pearls due to their darker colors, though some Tahitian pearls are light or dark gray, and sometimes even green or blue. They range in size from about 8 mm in diameter to over 18 mm.

National Pearl is your source for high-quality Tahitian pearl earrings and jewelry. We offer classic Tahitian studs in addition to a wide variety of Tahitian Pearl Earrings fitted with lustrous pearls glowing with silver, black or green overtones.

The quality of our pearls is head and shoulders above our competitors. Our pearls are hand-selected by our pearl experts and all of the South Sea Tahitian pearls we use in our earrings are extremely high quality. We will do everything we can to ensure our South Sea Pearl Earrings meet your expectations and your budget.

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  • Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Hoop Earrings

    Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Hoop Earrings