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Pearl Pendants

Our collection of Tahitian pearl pendants are among the largest online, from simple solitaires to extravagant diamond combinations

Japanese Akoya

Our collection of gorgeous akoya pearl pendants are truly one of a kind and make a great gift for that special occasion

Shop Japanese Akoya Pearl Pendants Japanese Akoya


Shop for freshwater pearl pendants in multiple colors that can complete your freshwater pearl set

Shop Freshwater Pearl Pendants Freshwater

White South Sea

Shop for beautiful White South Sea pearl pendants that can match to our necklaces and earrings

Shop White South Sea Pearl Pendants White South Sea

Golden South Sea

Sourced from the shores of the Philippines, these Golden South Sea pearl pendants are truly a unique find

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Pearl Pendants

An elegant pearl pendant is the perfect way to dramatize the allure of a single pearl. Whether set with dazzling diamonds or on a simple solitaire mounting, our pendants all feature pearls with radiant luster, clean surfaces, and gorgeous overtones. 

National Pearl only uses pearls of AA+ and AAA quality, representing the finest in pearl selection. Our pendant collection includes Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, White and Golden South Sea pearls, to satisfy every style and budget. Our pendants are all made to order and are completely customizable with your choice of pearl type, size, quality, and gold color. We also offer a selection of gold and silver chains varying in length so you can find the perfect fit.

Our Freshwater pearl pendants are available in pink, peach and classic white. Cultivated in the freshwaters of china, these pearls range in size from 7mm to 12mm. High levels of luster and a gorgeous variety of colors make Freshwater pearls a perfect choice for great quality at a budgetfriendly price.

The most classic of all pearls, the Akoya pearl, features radiant luster and near flawless surface quality. Grown in Japan, these pearls range from 4mm to 10mm in size. Their white, ivory, and rose overtones make them the perfect selection for any skin tone.

For a little taste of luxury our South Sea pearls are the perfect choice. Harvested in Tahiti, The Philippines, and Australia these pearls are best known for their large size and gorgeous deep colors. Tahitian, Golden, and White South Sea pearls, the rarest and most valuable of all and make beautiful centerpieces for any pendant.