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Golden South Sea Pearl Rings

The golden-lipped oyster from the tropical waters of South East Asia is what produces this unique, golden pearl. The warm, golden color beautifully reflects the hotter climate from where it comes and works particularly well on those with darker skin. The Golden South Sea pearl is luxurious and opulent looking and is the perfect match for use with darker clothing, especially when it’s coupled with a gold and diamond mount.

9mm Pearls – The beauty of a smaller pearl is that it can be used in an understated way in a simple ring, or as part of a more elaborate piece.

10mm Pearls – The slightly more prominent 10mm pearl is beautiful when coupled with good quality gold to create a opulent yet relatively simple finishing touch to any outfit.

11mm Pearls – The 11mm pearl is more prominent than the smaller pearls and works perfectly with ornate outfits that consist of dark reds, greens and browns.

12mm Pearls – The largest of the Golden South Sea pearl rings, this is truly opulent and luxurious looking. It is the ideal accessory for a glamorous evening out or a special meal.

We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the joys of wearing quality pearls, so we try to keep our prices as low as possible. We are certain that you will love your pearl ring but if you’re not entirely happy with it, we offer a money back guarantee if it’s returned within 60 days.

We sell all of our pearls in an elegant box which not only shows them off but is also ideal for the storage and protection of your ring. You can pay safely and securely with all major credit cards and also via PayPal. The pearls are fully insured and securely delivered by UPS, meaning that they will arrive in perfect condition. Shop on our online store today!

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  • Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Eternity Ring

    Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Eternity Ring

  • Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Bella Ring

    Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Bella Ring