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White South Sea Pearl Rings

With a thick nacre layer, White South Sea pearls are the quintessential luxurious, silky looking pearl. They are generally larger than other pearls and are sought after the world over. A beautiful White South Sea pearl ring is the ultimate in pearl rings and would make the ideal engagement ring or special gift.

Plain White South Sea Pearl Rings – A simple plain silver ring with a White South Sea pearl is great for those with a pale complexion who are looking for something small and understated yet exquisite and simple. The plainer rings at Nation Pearl consist of a simple band of different sizes, which can be decorated with diamonds for a touch of sparkle.

Detailed White South Sea Pearl Rings – These more detailed rings call a little more attention. A larger pearl size or ornately shaped band lends an air of style to these more intricate rings. The addition of diamonds in the band makes the ring even more special and adds a little more class to the piece.

Either type of ring will be ideal for a special gift and would be sure to compliment almost any outfit.

The experience of wearing high quality pearls is one that we believe that everybody should have, so we offer great quality pearls at a fraction of the retail price. We are sure that you will love your ring but if you’re not completely satisfied with it, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

All of our pearls come in a beautiful presentation box, which presents it beautifully and works perfectly as a way to store your ring. Your pearls are delivered securely by UPS and are fully insured meaning that they will arrive in perfect condition. You can pay safely and securely with all major credit cards, including American Express and also via PayPal.

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  • White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Eternity Ring

    White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Eternity Ring

  • White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Bella Ring

    White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Bella Ring